Power Electronics Solutions
for a carbon free future

Technology that unlocks capacity for renewables in global energy networks – Instantly
Third Equation empowers grids to transform their networks into powerful tools for carbon free energy delivery.
Third Equation
Third Equation are a pioneering innovation, research and technology company at the forefront of energy sector innovation.
Our mission
Third Equation is an IP-led innovation company on a mission to enable zero carbon electricity, to revolutionise energy grids with advanced technologies like the Network Exchanger (NEx), aiming to enhance grid capacity, stability, and efficiency for a sustainable energy future.
Why is our technology required?
The Network Exchanger (NEx) when deployed at scale on the distribution grid can improve the network capacity by 20% - with the prohibitive cost and time for wide scale infrastructure upgrades to occur it is universally recognised that innovative grid solutions are required immediately.  These solutions are available today and must be part of the solution in the short to mid term to resolve this congestion which will also lead to lack of renewable energy integration from the consumer.
How does it contribute to a Zero Carbon Energy Grid?
Our Network Exchanger (NEx) instantly adds up to 20% capacity to the grid at substation level, supporting the rapid connection of new renewable energy generation. The NEx supports and manages the fluctuating levels of power from wind or solar generation.
The world is transitioning to electricity as the primary source of energy
Decarbonisation puts electricity at the heart of energy usage for transport, heating, industry and more.
Renewable electicity makes up more of the energy mix
Increasing renewable generation to meet demand puts pressure on existing transmission and distribution networks.
Distributed energy resources increase as businesses and consumers go green
Increased generation and storage to meet variability challenges will outpace current capacity in networks.
Increased grid capacity demand requires innovation investment
Innovative solutions in grid network capacity are the key to enable the future zero carbon energy landscape.
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“Third Equation's innovative approach not only increases capacity but gives us greater control over renewable generation coming onto the grid.”
Third Equations NEx boosts grid capacity by up to 20%.
Network Exchanger costs less than 2% of a traditional grid upgrade
Third Equation hold 5 patents in the Power Electronics arena.